pexels-photo-919496There’s always a place of fanstasy where beauty is a feeling unmatched

A place that only exist in your Dreams as a child

A place for longing, a wonderland where everything makes you Happy

As you get older the feeling still lingers and your heart skips a beat if someone mentions it by chance

I envy those that have been there who tell tales of beauty and simplicity

A place that does exist in reality and yet seems so far away

A place where the sand, sea, the sunset and sunrise have a new meaning

The scenery is unmatched and untouched by humans

The colors of Nature rich in all it’s Glory and made by the Creator himself

He must have spent a little more time in this small piece of Paradise

Those that call it Home wouldn’t trade it for anything at all

Carefree, small-knit town where everybody knows each other, cool breeze, and the foods eaten by the gods

Its all too good to be true but a place like this does exist on this earth

A well-kept secret that people from all over the world are just now discovering

I still long for this place and it still appears in my Dreams now and then

Its pure torture everytime

where its the pricless Smile and laughs of the people that will melt your heart

The more I think it the more it hurts

Still longing, still Dreaming hope I wake up to this reality soon

An adventure so long overdue

A hidden magical serenity I call Paradise


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