My handsome Tutu all dressed up for the church christmas party last year.

My Tutu (grandfather) has worked all his life

at 81 ( yes that’s right) his still at work rising early in the morn

same routine, same route, same time

He contemplated retirement after injuring his back

but my tutu confidently says “as long as my body can still function, I will still work”

dedicated, passionate, and patient

my tutu is my superhero he ain’t perfect and I appreciate him all the same

I didn’t grow up with my tutu as he went abroad to work when I was very young

his taken care of me and the family financially supporting us all this years

He gives the best advice of always working hard and putting GOD first

I wish I could repay him back but I myself can’t afford it, even thank you is not enough

I got a chance to spend the holidays last year with him

As I hear the front door close, I picture my tutu in his all decked out security uniform, beanie, gloves, shoes and heavy black back pack (he uses for balance) walking to the bus stop in the very cold morn

Nothing deters him, his always on schedule

At times I see the pain after he comes home, his legs are tired and it shows on his face

so he rests a while and uses his machine to massage his legs and back

I am overwhelmed at this and help take off his shirt and shoes

I feel helpless that there’s nothing more I can do

As he wakes in the evening his tone changes to a jolly one

his ready for tea and dinner and his favorite tv show “Family Feud”

he loves Steve Harvey, he thoroughly reads the paper, shakes his head if its tragic and comments out loud

He’ll request for another cuppa with bread and banana and his off to bed

not before saying a Prayer

My tutu can be stubborn at times if he doesn’t get his way & will cut you off if he doesn’t want to converse

At times he’ll tell tales of his childhood memories so vividly

He smiles and laughs while he shares such stories with great details

My tutu comes from a big family but his the only surviving sibling left now

he was able to meet his great-grand kids last year as well on his visit back home

he is my superhero and has made me the person I am today

Life may not be so fair to him all this years but he never complains of such hardships

He just keeps at it and moves along

putting his family first above all &  the sacrifices his made are priceless

I owe him alot and hope I can adopt his work ethic as well

I hope when he does finally retire it will be a well deserved one that he always dreamt of 😊

To my Tutu you are the real emphiany of hardwork and success

Today I salute you, to many more great years ahead and many Happiness, good health and strength

Thank you so much Tutu for Everything!!!






7 thoughts on “ODE TO TUTU:

  1. behind every blessing the is a harworking person, It is so easy to take blessing for granted we we are comfortable with our life. It is good to be grateful like you. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful to my elders and my grandparents as well. Wishing your TUTU all the best^^

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