pexels-photo-948358.jpegAhhhh the smell of the morn hot cuppa ☕ of an instant cup of coffee

Then add milk & sugar, oh what I could do for coffee any given day?

so refreshing, so rejuvenating wakes me up and gets me started

from the first sip, the first taste lingers in my mouth so strong but sweet

A pure addiction like a drug, that coffee smell is so mesmorizing

At times when I have my coffee my mind begins to wander

keeps me alert, in a day I can have 2 or 3 maybe 4 cups 💪 is that too much you ask?

Each cup with extra milk adds that right taste as you swirl and mix the color begins to change just about right

How I LOVE my coffee may I never fall out of LOVE with you

Its what I need to get by everyday, may I be addicted to you as long as I live

Nescafe saches are the best those 3 in 1, so as long as I have my coffee no matter the time of day

I’m also ready to kick start any given day😊


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