flying-airplane-plane-landingwe woke up in the wee hours of the morn, my Bubu (grandma), sister and I

it was a cold, windy but a beautiful dawn

I had anticipated this day for weeks now

A half hour cab ride to the airport and my how it has changed over the years

Its been years since coming back I was younger then

Aircrafts in plain sight, people waiting for their flights

families waiting for their loved ones to arrive

Those waiting having their breakfast with that coffee

reading the papers, on their laptop or just chatting away

As a boarding flight is announced, people begin to scramble for luggage and all

A family with grandparents Β waving to their son and grandchild

Emotions run high as the lady waves to the little boy with a beannie pulled down as tears begin to flow

As the little boy waves his last goodbye towards the window terminal

the plane begins to roar as it starts up and the staircase begins to fold

as it makes its last elegant stride on the runway, my what a beast

before it takes off gracefully into the air

last goodbyes are always hard, memories that will last forever

I know just how they feel

The fun of watching this beast of the air big and small land and take off

Got a taste of airport coffee not bad at all 😊

but the sooner we arrived and meet those we came for, tears were shed of course

It all had come to an end 😒 enjoyed every moment of it all though short

watching planes can’t wait to do it again 😊



2 thoughts on “WATCH PLANES:

    1. OMG I no rit so true and when you finally do & when you experience that first take off the adrenaline pumping, seeing the buildings,moving cars & pple looking smaller & moving away πŸ˜€ childhood memories n dreams become a reality 😍

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