Me with my not so perfect pre- birthday cake last Saturday my b’day is on April fools Day while my adorable niece giggles away (she just wanted cake). photo: lil sister

Reaching another milestone on my birthday kinda always seems heavy as the day approaches πŸ˜• Although I honestly don’t look forward to the day, I am grateful for the journey I’ve been through the good and bad, all the experiences has made me the person I am today. But seriously I don’t look my age πŸ˜… (4eva 21)

I have faced challenges I never thought I could pull through from but with the constant support of my family and friends has kept me going this far. This year is no different well wishes from friends, the thought always counts 😍 I reflect back on my achievements, leaving home in 2013 to study in India completing my studies and becoming the first in my family to get a degree πŸŽ“ living in a foreign land for 3 years with people who spoke a different language than me humbled me. It made me realise that no matter where you are in the world, home is the people you meet, friends you make and the memories you create.

Being able to finally visit America (the land of opportunities) for the first time in 2015 was a Dream come true and a highlight for me. Remember meeting my mum for the first time after 19 years was kinda weird and wonderful all at once. That indeed was a Miracle. Losing my uncle who was a father figure in my life while in India in 2014 was overwhelming I grieved so much I thought I wouldn’t continue with studies. I knew in the end he would always be proud of me.

As I reflect today on reaching another year, there is still so much I still need to achieve getting the Dream job I’ve always wanted (unemployed for the past 7 months now), travelling ( Australia, Africa, Israel to name a few) and taking on challneges is a must for me and probably living in LA someday working for a Record label is the ultimate Dream 😊

I guess for an island girl like me bought up by my grandma who taught me nothing comes without Prayer and hardwork, I’m still figuring myself out at an age where most of my peers have the career with 5-10 years of experience, the ideal hubby and adorable kids with the dream home. I on the other hand am still planning the next hike with all my busy friends & a trip to the hidden Paradise (trying to find the affordable price) & wish of how I can get my hands on those J Cole concert tickets next time around πŸ˜…

Absolutely Grateful for reaching another milestone and if you are a April Baby as well I wish you nothing but the very best and may your day be like this beautiful sun rise on the horizon 😊BLESS UP!



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