social media logos we all have become accustom to. photo credit: pexel

Just a random thought on what really makes the news nowdays, social media is more concerned at what the kardashians will be doing next then how the Syrians are suffering from a chemical warfare or the humanitarian crisis in Yemen or Iraq.

Its funny that now the more ratings a story gets the more it sells

we seem to now live in a society where entertainment and scandal sells rather then what really matters the real stories of  struggle, pain,wars, injustice, and vice versa. Its seems now all the trending sites talk more about hollywood gossip its ok to do so, but when it makes headline news thats a problem.

I guess we live in a world of validation where being updated and posting your current activities is the in thing and if you haven’t done that you are seriously Lost after being offline for at least days!

I feel we really need to look deep within ourselves and understand what is happening in our communities and globally.

I admit I’m a sucker for reality tv especially the love and hip hop franchise, black  ink crew, real house wives, & even keeping up with the kardashians its entertainment after all and I do binge watch on this series. what I’m trying to say when entertainment news becomes the main news we really have gone wrong somewhere.

Thats reality in the end and I don’t think that would change any day soon.

Big shout out to all the hardworking reporters and media personel who take risks each day to bring you the real stories from all over the world. We thank you for the dedication and hardwork.



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