Just Another Day

photo: Pexels

ahhh….just another beautiful day
yes the sun is out, birds singing, dogs barking, children on their way to school

kettle on the boil for tea another morning glory

I reckon it is the best part of any day

pancakes, eggs, toast, coffee or tea to get your day started

or when its cloudy and begins to rain

ahhh…the cool breeze that comes through the window

chills your body but feels so good

days like this you just wana jump back into bed and into dream land with a smile

but no school starts at 8, better get ready or you’ll miss the bus

I love cloudy and drissly mornings a mixed feeling of emotions and memories all wrapped in a warm blanket

while six pennies none the richer starts to sing kiss me over the radio

And I just melt with weakness to the rythmn of the song

but its just another day a typical one passing by

Just another Beautiful Glorious day ☺

Photo: Pexels

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