Photo: Pexels

It’s beginning to rain here and the weather has begun to change
The breeze a little stronger now
The monsoon has arrived and I’m missing home more now than ever before
The memories of rainy days are coming back to me

when I would curl up in bed in the morning and wait for my grandma to call me for breakfast or to do the chores

I could have a warm delicious cup of nestle cocoa (my favorite) two or three cups will do
And watch the rain drops soak everything outside with its power cooling it down all over
How life has taken a turn for me, I’m no longer at home but in a new country, new environment
It’s a strange kind of feeling to wake up to taller buildings when I open my window every morn
Life is a journey of changes and experiences as the Monsoon hits Hyderabad I can’t help but feel a sense of longing missing home more
When the rain battered our pink house and the water would flow down the driveway watching in detail at how far it would go
I have closed a chapter of that Life and I’m beginning a new one now
All I have now are the priceless memories to hold on to and that I can write about now
It’s an unknown path ahead wherever it takes me or how seasons will change I pray I’m ready for the new challenges and opportunities ahead
A beautiful morn here thanking the creator for another new day far away from home

but it just doesn’t feel anything like home at all
A Monsoon memory that I now have to adapt and accept


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