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2 rupee 3 rupee 4…counting how much I made today
Just another ordinary day of getting by
Just more than enough to buy chapati and chai (tea) this afternoon
Buy flour, sugar, and dhal for the family and just enough for a ride back home
I’m not that happy with the profit I made today but it’s not too bad
It was too hot today and was oh so thirsty for pani (water) that I also tried to ask from that man his cold water bottle

but then I had to choose between that or the coins he gave, not both
Gosh some people can be so rude, like that lady that shouted at me when I reached out my hand to ask for a coin, with all her jewels and clothes she said NO even before I spoke
Sure I look dirty and smell from the heat but people can be oh so heartless sometimes
What happened to giving to charity and the poor?

Does your religious book say that?
I am so weak and my legs have been swollen for too long, I’m afraid if I go to the hospital they’ll cut it off and that would be the end of working
What will happen to me and my family pliz answer me somebody!!!
My wife and my two grandchildren they all depend on me to put food on the table
Though my legs are killing me with pain I still have to work every day and come to my favorite spot on time or some of my rivals will get it first if I come late
Well I can smile for today, its chai time now, another day yes my life goes on call it sad, degrading or whatever I don’t care as long as you give that coin or change that’s more than enough for me.
Just thankful I got by another day


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