My Beautiful Bubu all ready for Sunday Service

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day worldwide

And today it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my hero, my inspiration, and the strongest woman I know, my beautiful Bubu (grandma)

This amazing woman is the main reason I made it in Life who sacrificed so much for me through out

she taught me faith in GOD through Prayer, hardwork and discipline

The woman who kept our family together, through the good and bad times, thick and thin of things she always made it through

This is what 83 looks like and where I got my anti-aging genes from ☺

I’m so thankful that she’s still so healthy and strong and to be able to see her great-grand kids as well

I don’t know where I’ll be right now if it wasn’t for her to be honest

I hope someday when I have enough financially I could take her back to Hawaii for a well deserved vacation, a place she left more than 2 decades ago to come back and take care of me and my sister

I often see how she would light up when she hears or sees anything about Hawaii on TV as she reminisce about her time there

If there is anything I learnt from her, it would be her Prayer life that I saw all my Life it still amazes me today, the ultimate Prayer Warrior

Through the tears and the early and late night prayer routine still keeps me in awe till today

I hope I can learn from and carry it with me for the rest of my adult life

An ordinary housewife, an extraordinary life well lived

So to you Bubu I salute you for all the sacrifices and love above all to raise me to be the woman I am today

I’m sorry I’m not there yet but as always her Prayer still reigns true now more than ever before

Cheering me on to never give up as always 😢

Thank you so much Nana for all you’ve done, your life is truly legendary and Priceless

GOD’s greatest gift to me was you ❤


14 thoughts on “ODE TO MY HERO ❤

  1. Hi Mere
    I met you and Rosie a week back and you told me briefly about #tadralife
    I love your writing, I read anything and everything, so I’ve read all your stuff on WordPress.
    Don’t stop- I’m hoping to read some recent ones.
    Your grandmother looks beautiful as ever.
    With Love

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      1. Oileii Lewa I don’t blog. I just read and read and read. I do write, and abit of poetry every now and then.
        Rosie has been telling me to get on WordPress, but I’m pretty old school. I have journal entries on everything from life to love, friends and foe.
        I hope to blog soon…
        You’ve inspired me.

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      2. Omg gal I was like dat too…everybody told me to start bloggin m like you not really a social media person but after much convincing I joined early March this year and wala its da best ting eva 😀 hardly been on FBK since April. Please do join its so worth it gal. We shud mit ova coffee u me n Rosie soon maybe on a Saturday or Friday arvo aye exchange writings 😊 xo Thank you for making an effort to search for my Blog dat means so Much man. Kip Writing as well from your side xo


    1. I’m not on messenger, I don’t have access to my FB anymore. Are u on twitter? I’m on twitter @IgaMiliana.
      Most people just email me: milianaiga @gmail.com
      But, u could message me on my mums messenger cos her messengers on my fone….lol
      Kasanita Bale Radrodro

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