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Do what you’ve always wanted to do don’t wait any longer time is not on our side now
Go to places you’ve always dreamt of going to and say the things you’ve always meant to say time is of essence everybody
No Delay, No Excuses, No Buts, No Maybes, No Next time, do it now for tomorrow is definitely absolutely not guaranteed
This isn’t the time to be hating, fighting, dreading, regretting, comparing and self-pity
Forgive, forget and move on time is seriously running out my friend
Go back to school, apply for that Dream job even if you feel unqualified, chase after that goal, tell that person how you really feel keep it real despite the outcome
There’s so much happening wake up world and read for yourself it’s all over social media at your fingertips just one slide and click away it’s all there
If the signs are still yet not convincing then look around you, see what is going on in your neighbourhood, the society, doesn’t it alarm and shock you?
At how we have come to this that our youths are dying of disease, accidents, suicide, murdered and vice versa
Doesn’t that ring a bell for you or you’ll finally wake up when it happens to you, a family member or friend
Life is too short its getting shorter now, how can we become stubborn and ignorant at all these signs right before our eyes
It’s time to take risk make that change and do the abnormal do the impossible, do the crazy things, do what makes you happy
We are all running out of Time if you value you then you will Chase after it and Go get it
Even with nothing you can be Extraordinary I believe that’s what Life is all about really
Making mistakes, choices, being broken, failures, pain, confusion, for a moment but you move on and learn to let go
No matter how people treat you be True to yourself and never forget where you come from always
In a digital world humans cannot live without it like water and food the power of social media has become a NEED in this generation
No more outdoor activities, making plans with the hood kids for a swim in the nearby river, playing cards and hop scotch with siblings, the laughs of tales told by the elders are a thing of the past
We are more concerned of looking good in a posted pic than what you’ll have for dinner
It’s a sad reality of how our lives has evolved over the century no blame game here
Just that we still have the power to choose and the freedom to chase after it
Your Voice, Your Imagination, Your Passion, Your Life, and your Dream still damnn matters
Believe in yourself work hard, stay Positive no matter your upbringing family first always
Have Faith and keep them Hopes Alive no matter what the world throws at you and no matter how dark and unpredictable it can be Never Give Up
Keep Dreaming, Keep Praying, and do what you were meant to become
Music is my one and only best friend and my writing is how I express myself on how I really feel
Now I challenge myself and if you‘re reading this that NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE AND KNOCK ON FEARS DOOR!!!


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