The scenes that greet you when you entered the area is so appalling
Nothing prepares you for what to expect as you lay eyes on the surrounding for the first time
The smell in the air would make you weak in the stomach unpleasant all over that inhaling would be torture
The faces of poverty greet you young and old alike their appearance at once makes you rethink of coming here in the first place
The smell and feeling of poverty is everywhere you’ve heard and read so much of it but to see reality right there nothing prepares you for this
You want to turn back and leave this place of uneasiness and helplessness
Hopelessness written in the faces of the young, how sad yet this is the life they will ever know
Education is the only way out for this kids though their school looks broken down, facilities in such poor conditions
Yet for this kids there is no option most will eventually drop out and help their parents by begging or join the child labor force
But like any other child innocent and free they have Dreams like any other child out there, no different for a better life maybe new uniforms, new clothes, their own room with toys and good food and clean water
But when you start to look at them funny or tell them they won’t be anything, you shatter a child’s Dreams
When they see suffering at home and being bullied at school they begin to withdraw from the crowd and so they will find the one and only place they feel safe
A corner of a little room, under a tree, a good friend, hugging of a ragged and dirty doll that she speaks to about her problems hoping it can talk back, but the child feels comfort in the silence for now
Everyday is a struggle just to make it through another day, the child feels the heavy burden around the home and the sad faces of her parents
The slums is the only home she will ever know as she gets older she still hopes that life will change for her and her family
That luck or the gods might have mercy on her or send good omen their way
That life would just get just a little better for everybody here
But for now she only Dreams and Hope from this dark area of what most people get disgusted and look away from, a place she calls home A slum of Hope


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