Picture: Pexels

Itโ€™s been years since he came back, an abandoned home an overgrown compound
Opening the front door to a dark room piled high with boxes and cloth covered furniture
Dust flies with every step he took upon the wooden floor little insects scatter away suddenly from fear an intruder has arrived and invaded their space their home
The young man stands still for a while trying to gather up his memories recollecting moments of his upbringing a childhood he longed forgot or maybe had tried to block out all his life
He seems uncertain why he came back after all this years and why he seems surprised that the town he grew up in had not changed at all
He was the one that changed and as he slowly unpacked the boxes every item had a story a memory both good and bad
The pain of loose a painful memory that still feels fresh if he remembered now and then too painful to remember a relief if forgotten
He made a name for himself through his music a household name a superstar in his own right
But there was always something missing eventually a sense of belonging and inner Peace with all the fame and money though it seemed he was still lost, searching still
Now as he arrives back to a place he once called home a sudden connection is made that his arrival has ignited anticipation and acceptance
A town patiently awaiting his arrival and welcoming him with open arms and joy
For the first time in a long time he seemed happy and that everything might just be alright at last
Maybe this was the missing piece of his puzzle coming home was the answer after all โ˜บ


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