Tonight I dedicate my Blog Post to a Super Amazing one of a kind Beautiful friend who I met 5 years ago while studying in India. My flatmate, sister, & friend Jemal 😍 This picture right here kinda explains alot about our relationship over the years Cool, fun, and Beautiful.

Jemal is from Turkmenistan and was pursuing her Studies as well in India when I met her and she eventually became my flatmate for 3 years until I came back home. Isn’t it amazing how you meet certain people in your life for a reason and you end up realizing it was all meant to be. Well Jemal is that kind of friend, honest, hardworking, smart, fashionable for real, down to earth, loves music, & like me keeps up to date with all da hollywood juicy news oh binge watching on wendy williams kardasians & crimminal mindsπŸ™ƒ oh not forgetting burgers & coffee!!

But I believe our friendship runs deeper than that coz like me she has big Dreams & despite the challenges and disappointments, she will still fight until she gets what she wants. Recently she graduated with a Masters from India and has done her family proud. Congrats gal I’m so Proud of you. I admire her positivity, her passion, and her determination to Never Give Up. We both plan to live abroad someday, her in Europe and me in LA, conversations we had back in India on how someday we would meet up again at a Starbucks in LA on a cloudy cold day wearing our boots n hoodies n looking back at how far we’ve come and toasting over that coffee & saluting to “WE MADE IT”

I now know meeting her was never a coincidence and that it was all meant to be. Jemal is back in her home country now thinking of her next move and still chasing her Dream.

Left to right: jemal, me, vika, & nicky @ Hyderabad Airport, India.

Its definitely been an Amazing journey of friendship: we’ve laughed, cried, had tense conversations, and dreamt of lives we could liveπŸ˜‡

To Jemal I know GOD has the Best life ahead of you and despite our different cultures, religion, & locations I know meeting you was never a mistake. I thank you so very much for your friendship and know we will meet again GOD willingly in LA. You will live the life you’ve always wanted and know I will always Pray for you. Thank you for being that unique one of a Kind Friend. And thank you for believing in my Dream like I’m for yours.

Thank you for your priceless friendship Jemal I Respect and Appreciate all you do and for being there throughout ❀

From your Loud Music loving Fijian Friend ❀


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