Last week I had such an Amazing time taking a bus ride down to the coast, after getting time off from work.

If there’s anything you know about Fiji apart from our friendly hospitality, its our beautiful beaches, prestine oceans, and sun 😎

After a week long of covering the Election in our country recently (I work as a reporter) it was a well earned break that I so deserved.

The view along the coast was so breathtaking and everytime I get a chance to travel to this side of the country (which is not very often), I cherish every moment. I envy people who live on this stretch of sheer Paradise. An area that also houses some of the most well-know Resorts that people from all over the world flock to every year.

As we near Christmas, Summer is already here and the heat somehow becomes just a little unbearable but is always expected at this time of year 🙃

For me personally its kinda actually the first time I have travelled solo and it was a little achievement & definitely the first of many to come. Solo trips are the best as I was able to self-reflect on how this year has gone for me. Getting a job would be the highlight for me, more the waiting to get the job season also, all worth it in the end.

Thanking GOD for all his done for me & my family throughout the year.

So my lil Breather Trip was more of a self-care & a rest and relaxation indulgence I’m so glad I took 😊

Can you believe another year is almost ending & how the days have really flown 😯

Anyways wishing everyone a safe & enjoyable holiday where ever you are in your side of town.



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