Its a Beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Fiji, a bit cloudy and windy my type of weather really.

Its not only the first new day of a new month but its actually Fathers Day here in the islands, today’s blog is a short yet emotional one as I pay tribute to my Beloved Momo (meaning uncle in Fijian) who passed away 5 years ago while I was studying in India.

A father figure all my life who supported me and my sister especially when it involved our Education. His the reason I had to get my Degree and I think it still hurts coz he never got to see me Graduate 2 years later.

I thank him for all his hard work, dedication, and advice throughout my life and as I now reap the rewards of having a career and making something really out of life. He was one of the contributing factors of that success.

This is the most personal I will be since blogging a year ago, and I feel I needed to share this with you all.

Sometimes in Life you don’t have to understand why things happen and I have learnt to accept and move on. Grief, pain, shock, and regrets are normal emotions of Life.

I have chosen to remember the Best moments I had with my uncle Sai who was a taxi driver all his life, our usual trips to the village when we were younger, our morn pick ups for school, and shopping on a Saturday, and the usual snacks and sweets he’ll bring home after a stop over rest for work were all priceless memories I’I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Vinaka Momo for Believing in Me Always and I hope I will Always Make you Proud ❤

But I thank GOD & I’m glad I came back for the Holidays in 2014 for 2 months not knowing it would be the last time I would see him.


My momo, me, & my grandma at the Airport in June 2014 as I head back to India…it would be my last pic with my uncle as he passed away 4 months later


Another Adventurous Trip ðŸ”†

Bula Fellow Bloggers, just had to share once again a trip I had yesterday for a shoot in the rocky mountainous part of Fiji called the Namosi Highlands.
And it was another one of those memorable trips and why I so like my job so very much travelling to undiscovered Places in my island is the best part.
Visiting an Eco Retreat focused on promoting interior Tourism that is not that heard of at all connecting with the local community, unplug from the city life yes there is no network connection in the highlands so no internet connection, the authentic experience indeed, and indulging in the local cuisine of the people is definitely priceless. Absolutely blessed I had this Amazing Opportunity to visit some of the most Beautiful places in Fiji.
The Pictures say it all!!


Today August 25th of every year I pay Tribute to the RNB Princess Aaliyah who 18 years ago the world was in a state of shock when news flooded our TV about her death in a plane crash in the Bahamas.

I can still remember where I was as a teenager and exactly how I heard it over the radio, my heart sank and as a fan it took me a while to accept the fact she was really gone.

Even though it would have been a Dream to have met her or attended one of her concerts, I still pay tribute years on as a True Fan of hers. She would have been 40 this year.

Its crazy how I still get emotional when I write or talk about her to people because she was one of those Music Legends that was gone way too soon.

Rest in Love Legend Always from your Number Fan 😇


Memorable Reunion

You know how you meet people in your Life and you realize they will be your friends & somehow family for Life.
This is exactly how I feel about this Amazing Friends in this picture. They shared my journey for 3 years whilst studying in Hyderabad in India not only as my flatmates but sharing a challenging yet priceless journey far away from home.
Its been years since all of us met and just catching up on how we all were doing was just a great feeling indeed.
Shout out To Nicky whose wearing a white shirt in the pic who is going through the process of securing a Scholarship to study in Japan. You got this Girl we are all supporting & Praying for you. She’s the reason why we all met in the first place 😊
It was definitely a great yet short Reunion just to finally meet up this week. Definitely the highlight of my week for sure.
Left to right: Madam, Me, Nicky & Sheelvin

A Rock Climbing Fiji Experience ðŸ’ª

Just wanted to drop by and blog about my first time ever Rock Climbing Experience that I was a part of this afternoon.
One of the best things about my job as a Reporter is you get to go places, try out new things, and meet new people along the way. And that’s exactly the case today.
Before embarking on today’s activity, fear and doubt kicked in since I was going to partake on an outdoor sport that would require climbing and hanging from a particular height and that means my phobia of heights would be a concern, but determined as I am, I challenged myself to just try it out no harm in doing so & I did just that.
It really was all in the mind as I began to make my first step up the rocks reaching out as the determined instructor called from the ground you doing good Mere keep at it…that really was the motivation as my upper body especially my hands began to tire out, it was his words of seeing me making it to the top that kept me focused and it wasn’t easy climbing the 15 meter wall.
I felt so proud as I reached the last mark & in the back of my head I knew this was going to be the beginning of many challenges as an Adrenalin Junkie I would partake in in the not so near Future around the world, already speaking it to existence 😁
One of the Greatest lesson I learnt in today’s shoot was that sometimes you don’t even know how strong you are until you are put to the test in this case physical strength to do such a sport. And I think all along I thought I had a fear of heights until I was elevated then I realised its not that bad or maybe the rope did give me confidence that it would support me if I slipped a rock on the climb. All in all another lil personal achievement for a first time climber like me. And now I so wana go back and take my friends with me.
So hope you All have a Great week whichever side of town you are reading this from!


Yes we have finally made it to another month and the days keep flying I tell you. Hope once again which ever side of town you’re reading this from that the new month is a Blast and all you are striving for is Achieved, whether its on a new job, house, continuing school, or moving to a new country or ticking that bucket list goal and vice versa.

I hope to travel more this month and definitely to meet up with friends who I hate to say I haven’t really made an effort to meet up with and I have made work an excuse to be honest. I have to work on this area and hope I can at least make the effort this month.

Just over the weekend I randomly took a sugar level test and kinda got a shock that it was a little high, it was a definite WAKE UP CALL! I have begun to really change my eating habits since last week making healthier choice now is top on my list 💪💪💪 ‘I’ve been pondering on this over the last 2 days and it does concern me now more than ever before about making healthier choices is so so important since I am in an age now where staying and keeping healthy is not an Option at all. I still want to live to see my future son call me mummy.

So just a brief highlight of this new month and hope you all have a great and Amazing August. From this little piece of Paradise of Fiji 🔆 KEEP SMILING AND BLESS UP🙏

The Land Has Eyes

Greetings from the Beautiful islands of Fiji as we near another month end. I would like to briefly share on a trip I took today as part of the work I do as a Reporter.
I had one of the most memorable experience of visiting an area called the Sigatoka Valley today known by many in our island as the salad bowl of Fiji. As you can see from this breathtaking images of just how Amazing this landscape is.Today as me and my crew visited this area for a shoot for a show I produce, I was reminded once again how Fiji never seizes to Amaze me.
To see the beauty of the land in all its serenity and how its provided so much for my people, an identity, food source, income, an inter-woven symbol of culture & tradition, & tales passed down from one generation to the next.
I’m kindly reminded once again of the Creators masterpiece, sights like this allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature in all its Glory and wealth. To stand here in this moment in time and realize I am just one of many passing by in the end the Land Has Eyes, its Mana meaning Power in the end staring back at me.