A massive B’day shout out to the one and only RNB Legend and Princess the Beautiful Aaliyah.

Every year on January 16 I take time to pay tribute to a Legend taken away from this world way too soon.

One of the most Talented God-sent being to ever Live. Her music and personality especially her humility has always stood out throughout her entire career.

Her Spirit will always Live on through her music coz she was always “ONE IN A MILLION” πŸ‘‘

Happy Special B’day in Heaven Legend ❀🎢

From your Number 1 Fiji Fan!



Its Christmas Eve here in the Beautiful Island Paradise of Fiji & despite the Summer heat, everyone is rushing around town to get their last minute shopping done and take advantage of the last few hours of sales and special.

Today was an extra extra special moment personally for me having to cover an assignment that involved a visit to an orphanage to give gifts for the kids courtesy of the company I work for.

Our hearts were moved at the sight of all the Beautiful kids who came dressed in their special Bula Shirts today to greet us.

They serenaded us with songs,their favorite bible verses, and what bought me to tears the most was when they made a circle around me and my work mates and Prayed for us. It was the most moving scene I’ve ever seen in my Life.

It had to be the best Gift I ever got witnessing this special and priceless moment that I will cherish for the rest of my Life. The Kids taught me a Powerful lesson that Love conquers all. No matter where you come from or what you may face, GOD has a special Destiny for all of us.

Today my intention was to put a smile on a child’s face with a gift but instead they bought me to tears and humility when they got on their knees to Pray for me and my mates.

Its been one of the Best Christmas Eve ever spending a few hours with this Amazing kids who have so much to look forward to in their lives. They Aspire to become doctors, police officers, teachers, and pilots in the not so near Future.

As they line-up to say their final goodbyes with that Priceless smiles on their faces, I hope our short visit will be a moment they will remember always coz I know it was for me❀

Wishing you & yours a Very Merry Christmas in your side of town!!



We have finally arrived, yes my Blogging Buddies the Holidays is upon us once again and Christmas is just 23 days away πŸŽ„πŸŽ

It kinda got to me this week when I finally heard Christmas songs at a supermarket & saw fruit cakes on sale as well with all the deco decked out, it now feels like Christmas for sure.

I remember like this last year I was waiting to board my flight to the states on a Sunday evening & I had such a bad headache that I spend half my money on buying expensive food at the airport (note to self-always pack extra food when travelling & waiting) & it was a heavy downpour as well when the plane took off & those turbulence ( I hate when it happens) omg I held on to my seat for quite a while repeating Jesus you Got me.

Spending a memorable holidays with my grandfather & my mum and siblings, time really does fly. For me this year has been about waiting in a season when things didn’t’ look to go my way and I’ve learnt to be thankful always and it hasn’t’t been easy.

I could have stayed longer in the states and earned extra to bring home but I felt it wasn’t’t my time yet to make this major move, if you’ve been following my blog my ultimate Dream is to one day live in LA & work in the music industry as a writer. I don’t know when and how but I know GOD’s got me and that’s all that matters.

But for now I’m grateful of having a day job that pays the bills and supports me and my family. Ticking another box in my career goal of working in a media organization that took me 2 years and 6 months to get in.

Now its a time to reflect and evaluate how far we all have come and the lessons its all taught us about Life. The goals we have achieved, mistakes we made, people we hurt or lost, the laugher, the pain we felt, & vice versa. We are all in a Journey called Life. Forgiving and Being Thankful is the key.

Encouraging & supporting others around you and putting a smile on someone’s face has always been rewarding indeed for me.I also take this time to Thank my Amazing Family who stuck with me through thick and thin & my Priceless Circle of Friends who I’m so blessed to have ❀ much LOVE to you all

Wishing you once again an Enjoyable, Safe and Happy Holidays!!

And I also take this moment to thank all my 60 Followers who have been part of My Journey since March this year, even though I’m new to Blogging it seems I was meant to do this all this time funny how it all worked out in the end.THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!



Last week I had such an Amazing time taking a bus ride down to the coast, after getting time off from work.

If there’s anything you know about Fiji apart from our friendly hospitality, its our beautiful beaches, prestine oceans, and sun 😎

After a week long of covering the Election in our country recently (I work as a reporter) it was a well earned break that I so deserved.

The view along the coast was so breathtaking and everytime I get a chance to travel to this side of the country (which is not very often), I cherish every moment. I envy people who live on this stretch of sheer Paradise. An area that also houses some of the most well-know Resorts that people from all over the world flock to every year.

As we near Christmas, Summer is already here and the heat somehow becomes just a little unbearable but is always expected at this time of year πŸ™ƒ

For me personally its kinda actually the first time I have travelled solo and it was a little achievement & definitely the first of many to come. Solo trips are the best as I was able to self-reflect on how this year has gone for me. Getting a job would be the highlight for me, more the waiting to get the job season also, all worth it in the end.

Thanking GOD for all his done for me & my family throughout the year.

So my lil Breather Trip was more of a self-care & a rest and relaxation indulgence I’m so glad I took 😊

Can you believe another year is almost ending & how the days have really flown 😯

Anyways wishing everyone a safe & enjoyable holiday where ever you are in your side of town.



A Massive Shout out to my Superhero Grandma-Paulini Satakala who turned 84 last week on Wednesday- November 14. There is no words to begin to describe my one of a kind bubu. Strong, Amazing, Caring, Loving, and a woman of Faith and Prayer.

A woman who sacrificed so much for me so that I can make it in Life. Through the good and bad, less and more seasons of our lives she stood tall and beat the odds.

I don’t really know where I would be now if it wasn’t for her and for that I thank GOD for her life always.

Vinaka (means thank you in Fijian) Nana for everything you’ve done for me Praying, believing, supporting me all my Life.

Happy Birthday Nana and many more Blessed years ahead ❀


Tonight I dedicate my Blog Post to a Super Amazing one of a kind Beautiful friend who I met 5 years ago while studying in India. My flatmate, sister, & friend Jemal 😍 This picture right here kinda explains alot about our relationship over the years Cool, fun, and Beautiful.

Jemal is from Turkmenistan and was pursuing her Studies as well in India when I met her and she eventually became my flatmate for 3 years until I came back home. Isn’t it amazing how you meet certain people in your life for a reason and you end up realizing it was all meant to be. Well Jemal is that kind of friend, honest, hardworking, smart, fashionable for real, down to earth, loves music, & like me keeps up to date with all da hollywood juicy news oh binge watching on wendy williams kardasians & crimminal mindsπŸ™ƒ oh not forgetting burgers & coffee!!

But I believe our friendship runs deeper than that coz like me she has big Dreams & despite the challenges and disappointments, she will still fight until she gets what she wants. Recently she graduated with a Masters from India and has done her family proud. Congrats gal I’m so Proud of you. I admire her positivity, her passion, and her determination to Never Give Up. We both plan to live abroad someday, her in Europe and me in LA, conversations we had back in India on how someday we would meet up again at a Starbucks in LA on a cloudy cold day wearing our boots n hoodies n looking back at how far we’ve come and toasting over that coffee & saluting to “WE MADE IT”

I now know meeting her was never a coincidence and that it was all meant to be. Jemal is back in her home country now thinking of her next move and still chasing her Dream.

Left to right: jemal, me, vika, & nicky @ Hyderabad Airport, India.

Its definitely been an Amazing journey of friendship: we’ve laughed, cried, had tense conversations, and dreamt of lives we could liveπŸ˜‡

To Jemal I know GOD has the Best life ahead of you and despite our different cultures, religion, & locations I know meeting you was never a mistake. I thank you so very much for your friendship and know we will meet again GOD willingly in LA. You will live the life you’ve always wanted and know I will always Pray for you. Thank you for being that unique one of a Kind Friend. And thank you for believing in my Dream like I’m for yours.

Thank you for your priceless friendship Jemal I Respect and Appreciate all you do and for being there throughout ❀

From your Loud Music loving Fijian Friend ❀


My Adorable niece Buna and nephew Akeai dropped by today and its been a while, had an opportunity to take pics with them on a Sunday afternoon.

They bring so much joy when they come to visit. And the house is noisy for a couple of hours and then its silent again. As they begin to grow they each have developed their own personality that has made them unique on their own.

I Pray they grow up in a World they know they can be whatever they want to be and that anything is Possible with GOD.

Its just such an Amazing thing to watch them grow strong, healthy, and Happy. I Pray that GOD’s protection and Blessing be with them always as they grow up in a world filled with uncertainty.

Much loloma Buna & Akeai know that Meme will always be here for you ❀