Greetings from the Happiest place on Earth 😁 Can you believe its another new month and the days just keep on flying like crazy.

Its a Beautiful windy Monday morning here in the islands and its been a while since I blogged. Hope whichever part of the world your reading this from that your Journey so far for the year has been a great one despite the challenges & unforseen circumstances that came your way that you soldiered on like a true warrior that you are.

Here is me wishing you a Great Jubilant Jolly July. Stay Positive and Keep Smiling πŸ˜‡


Auckland you beauty

Had one of the most Amazing short work trips last week to the beautiful city of Auckland in New Zealand.
Even though it was only a 4 day last minute work assignment, was absolutely blessed that I had a chance to visit NZ for the very first time & was so impressed at the structures of buildings and suburban homes even the churches architecture were Amazing and the greenery everywhere was an incredible sight to see.
Got to also witness first hand a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony which was really an honor to be a part of. Thanking GOD for the opportunity to travel abroad on my first work trip.
Had a chance to meet up with an Amazing friend of mine who after years of him leaving home is still the same Amazing person when I first met him, much love Kaushik I’m so proud of you my friend.
So this was us taking pics on a Thursday night and having street food at one of the cafes.
Just a lil blog on my recent trip & I hope you have a Great week ahead xo

April will be over soon?

Hey Beautiful people yes its been a minute since I last blogged. The usual busy schedule and not making time, tired out & lazy to blog should never be an excuse to blog. But unfoutunatley it is 😁
Anyways work has been hectic on my side of town & balancing that with extra classes in driving school after work has kinda worked well. Now its down to taking the test in the next few days. Its been such a huge step to even take this step to learn how to drive and afford it as well. I am so proud of myself.
Anyways another milestone of turning another year younger this month πŸ˜‡ although I will be forever 21 for sure. Through it all GOD has indeed been faithful and I just can’t imagine Life without ever depending on him at all.
Just a brief update from my side of town and I truly hope you all had an Amazing April as well.
Leaving you with a pic piece of serenity for the week as we welcome in another new Month in two days time!! Keep Blogging Dreaming & Living Life with a Smile xo


I was just reminded on my notification today that its my 1 year Anniversary of Blogging this month.

I kinda got emotional reading about it this afternoon and decided to write a short reflection post on this.

A year and 80 Followers later and growing, I take this opportunity once again to say Thank You to all my AmAzing Followers who dropped by on my blogs now and then you are so Appreciated πŸ˜‡

So to all the amazing Bloggers out there keep writing, dreaming, and travelling.



And Prayers to all those that lost their lives during the tragic plane crash in Ethiopia this week may your souls rest in Peace & give comfort to all your families πŸ™


A Warm Bula Smile to you all on this Beaitiful Sunday afternnon, its been a while since I popped up in here. Its been kinda of a busy month for me with work and just not having the energy to post something which is a very bad habit on my part.

If I forgot to wish you all a happy new year well here goes…HAPPY 2019 TO YOU ALL πŸ˜€ sending you positive energy and vibes for the entire months ahead.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Feb ahead and whatever your plans are for the year just go for it and don’t wait upon it. At the end of the day, you are the only one that can make those Dreams and Goals come True don’t ever wait too long on it.



A massive B’day shout out to the one and only RNB Legend and Princess the Beautiful Aaliyah.

Every year on January 16 I take time to pay tribute to a Legend taken away from this world way too soon.

One of the most Talented God-sent being to ever Live. Her music and personality especially her humility has always stood out throughout her entire career.

Her Spirit will always Live on through her music coz she was always “ONE IN A MILLION” πŸ‘‘

Happy Special B’day in Heaven Legend ❀🎢

From your Number 1 Fiji Fan!


Its Christmas Eve here in the Beautiful Island Paradise of Fiji & despite the Summer heat, everyone is rushing around town to get their last minute shopping done and take advantage of the last few hours of sales and special.

Today was an extra extra special moment personally for me having to cover an assignment that involved a visit to an orphanage to give gifts for the kids courtesy of the company I work for.

Our hearts were moved at the sight of all the Beautiful kids who came dressed in their special Bula Shirts today to greet us.

They serenaded us with songs,their favorite bible verses, and what bought me to tears the most was when they made a circle around me and my work mates and Prayed for us. It was the most moving scene I’ve ever seen in my Life.

It had to be the best Gift I ever got witnessing this special and priceless moment that I will cherish for the rest of my Life. The Kids taught me a Powerful lesson that Love conquers all. No matter where you come from or what you may face, GOD has a special Destiny for all of us.

Today my intention was to put a smile on a child’s face with a gift but instead they bought me to tears and humility when they got on their knees to Pray for me and my mates.

Its been one of the Best Christmas Eve ever spending a few hours with this Amazing kids who have so much to look forward to in their lives. They Aspire to become doctors, police officers, teachers, and pilots in the not so near Future.

As they line-up to say their final goodbyes with that Priceless smiles on their faces, I hope our short visit will be a moment they will remember always coz I know it was for me❀

Wishing you & yours a Very Merry Christmas in your side of town!!