Tonight I dedicate my Blog Post to a Super Amazing one of a kind Beautiful friend who I met 5 years ago while studying in India. My flatmate, sister, & friend Jemal 😍 This picture right here kinda explains alot about our relationship over the years Cool, fun, and Beautiful.

Jemal is from Turkmenistan and was pursuing her Studies as well in India when I met her and she eventually became my flatmate for 3 years until I came back home. Isn’t it amazing how you meet certain people in your life for a reason and you end up realizing it was all meant to be. Well Jemal is that kind of friend, honest, hardworking, smart, fashionable for real, down to earth, loves music, & like me keeps up to date with all da hollywood juicy news oh binge watching on wendy williams kardasians & crimminal minds🙃 oh not forgetting burgers & coffee!!

But I believe our friendship runs deeper than that coz like me she has big Dreams & despite the challenges and disappointments, she will still fight until she gets what she wants. Recently she graduated with a Masters from India and has done her family proud. Congrats gal I’m so Proud of you. I admire her positivity, her passion, and her determination to Never Give Up. We both plan to live abroad someday, her in Europe and me in LA, conversations we had back in India on how someday we would meet up again at a Starbucks in LA on a cloudy cold day wearing our boots n hoodies n looking back at how far we’ve come and toasting over that coffee & saluting to “WE MADE IT”

I now know meeting her was never a coincidence and that it was all meant to be. Jemal is back in her home country now thinking of her next move and still chasing her Dream.

Left to right: jemal, me, vika, & nicky @ Hyderabad Airport, India.

Its definitely been an Amazing journey of friendship: we’ve laughed, cried, had tense conversations, and dreamt of lives we could live😇

To Jemal I know GOD has the Best life ahead of you and despite our different cultures, religion, & locations I know meeting you was never a mistake. I thank you so very much for your friendship and know we will meet again GOD willingly in LA. You will live the life you’ve always wanted and know I will always Pray for you. Thank you for being that unique one of a Kind Friend. And thank you for believing in my Dream like I’m for yours.

Thank you for your priceless friendship Jemal I Respect and Appreciate all you do and for being there throughout ❤

From your Loud Music loving Fijian Friend ❤



My Adorable niece Buna and nephew Akeai dropped by today and its been a while, had an opportunity to take pics with them on a Sunday afternoon.

They bring so much joy when they come to visit. And the house is noisy for a couple of hours and then its silent again. As they begin to grow they each have developed their own personality that has made them unique on their own.

I Pray they grow up in a World they know they can be whatever they want to be and that anything is Possible with GOD.

Its just such an Amazing thing to watch them grow strong, healthy, and Happy. I Pray that GOD’s protection and Blessing be with them always as they grow up in a world filled with uncertainty.

Much loloma Buna & Akeai know that Meme will always be here for you ❤


Dear Fellow Bloggers, I’m humbly requesting if you could spare a thought and a Prayer for a Dear Friend of mine, Christelle who is battling stage 4 Cervical Cancer right now and is currently getting treatment in India.

I received the news about my friends condition this week and was absolutely shocked about it all. I’ve known Chris for years now and one thing I know for sure is her Love for her 5 kids and that she’s a FIGHTER. We are all helping in our own little way as with every treatment there is a cost. Any penny would be highly Appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to read through her link and story. Please keep her in your Prayers as well. #4#CHRIS#


Over the weekend I offically reached 50 Followers on my Blog Site. I want to take this time to say “Thank You” to you all for following me, liking my blogs, & commenting as well. It means so so very much to me that out of the many thousands of bloggers out there you chose me. Blogging came very late to me just starting in March this year & how things have picked up since then. And a Great Celebration as we enter another new month Today.

So to all my Amazing & Inspiring Followers & Bloggers keep Writing Dont Ever Stop 😀


Can you believe its September already 😯 and the Summer days are here

Just a few things that made the headlines recently:

♈ the passing of the Legendary Queen of Soul such a great loss to the music industry, her homegoing service was so moving, how could you not get saved watching it. Rest Easy Ms Aretha.

♈Eminem dropped his unexpected Kamikaze Album proving once again why his the hip hop king👑

Now it seems the days will really fly as we near another end of the year

So let the summer vibes🌞 begin so whatever your plans are for this new month enjoy keep hydrated,eat plenty of fruits, and have that shades and lotion on standby trust me you’ll need it😉

So from my Paradise Island to yours, whatever part of the world you’ll be bloggin in from this month.

And the theme song for the Summer just had to be Childish Gambino-Feels like Summer gotta love the beat of this song on replay mode for sure 🎧



Darlz with her adorable mum 😊

Today on my blog I dedicate it to one of the most amazing and most cherished friend I met back in 2013 while studying in India.
This is my Dear friend from Durban, South Africa, Darlene Moodley one of the kindest and humblest soul I’m glad to have known and call my friend.
As I write this, Darlz as we normally call her is getting ready for her flight back to India to pursue her masters studies in Pune.
I’m so proud of her after learning of the good news this week and it had to fall on her birthday which was a sign it was all meant to be.
I met Darlz 5 years ago when I left Fiji (home) for the first time to study Journalism for 3 years in Hyderabad, India. I can vividly recall the first day she walked into class on the second week of college and sat in front of me. Later on as I introduced myself, I never knew that would be the beginning of a life-long friendship.

Darlz,Me,&Anji during Graduation in 2016 🎓

I know how hard it is especially for her family leaving home yet again to pursue her Dreams and I know this was always the initial plan. (having been back home after only 2 years).

Darlz with her brothers in South Africa earlier this year

I take this time to wish her the very best and as I post this up she would definitely be in Dubai by now waiting for her flight to Pune.
Darlz is a one in a million friend and here’s why, her humility and patience is so unmatched by far all the 3 years I’ve known her she’s never raised her voice to no one. She always put others first no matter how busy her schedule is, if its studying for exams or if other students needed her help she’ll go out of her way to help. Her encouragement and Positive attitude about everything still Amazes me till today. Her commitment and passion in all she does whether its studying, cooking, or helping other people she does it with all her heart I tell you. Her Faith and her Love for her Family above all is just beautiful to watch.

Darlz with her Amazing Family

An Amazing role model and inspiration to all she meets and I know for sure she will have many more priceless encounters and impact so many more people while she lives and studies in Pune.
Darlz I just want to let you know how priceless your friendship is to me personally, I’m crying while writing this. This is me being vulnerable and thankful at the same time. Thank you for always being there for me through the ups and downs, encouraging me always that all will work out in the end and you’re right it has.
As you would say “Satakala at the right time the job will come to you” and it has😊 As I write this on a beautiful cloudy Sunday afternoon here in Fiji & you’re on the other side of the world beginning a new chapter in your Amazing Journey, I salute and appreciate you so very much.

Post-Graduation pic with our college Head from left to right: Nicky, Anji, Darlz, College Head, & Me

My writings won’t be enough to express how two different people from different parts of the world, one from a tiny Pacific island country and the other from another continent, different religion, culture, and ethnicity can create such a beautiful friendship that I would never trade for anything in this world.
Someone once said that if you have 3 life-long friends your whole entire life then you’ve done well for yourself. You are definitely in that category girl. I have done well somehow.
So as you embark on this chapter for the next 2 years may you succeed in all you do and may GOD’s blessings and mercies guide you every step of the way. And when things get tough and challenging know I’m always gonna be here supporting and encouraging you all the way. Keep Smiling and spreading Positive energy in all you do 
Much love and respect Always from your Loud Fijian Friend xo 😍




Can you believe its July again?

And the days & Time keep flying 😯

Another month of new challenges, travelling, new opportunities and so much more

As I embark on another new month, personally for me its a new season to landing a new job in a new environment, knowing very well I am finally happy where I belong 😊

GOD has been Faithful indeed a journey that has just begun, and I may not be there yet but I know I’ll get there someday soon

Its only been a week at work & I’m finally settling in even waking up early seems new to me again after 9 months of unemployment & waking up whenever I like, the tasks assigned to me each day, my fellow workmates & just getting into the schedule all seems new thing to me but I have been truly humbled ☺

I prefer to always write about my journey rather than be expressive coz for me I tell it better in the former.

So I wish yoy all my Fellow bloggers an Awesome Jubilant July & may all your Goals & To do List come through this month ☺

And isn’t it a Blessing that the first day of the month had to lie on a Sunday as well 😇 We are all truly Blessed. GOD IS SOOOO GOOD 😇

Just so you know Bula means Hello in my Language.