Darlz with her adorable mum 😊

Today on my blog I dedicate it to one of the most amazing and most cherished friend I met back in 2013 while studying in India.
This is my Dear friend from Durban, South Africa, Darlene Moodley one of the kindest and humblest soul I’m glad to have known and call my friend.
As I write this, Darlz as we normally call her is getting ready for her flight back to India to pursue her masters studies in Pune.
I’m so proud of her after learning of the good news this week and it had to fall on her birthday which was a sign it was all meant to be.
I met Darlz 5 years ago when I left Fiji (home) for the first time to study Journalism for 3 years in Hyderabad, India. I can vividly recall the first day she walked into class on the second week of college and sat in front of me. Later on as I introduced myself, I never knew that would be the beginning of a life-long friendship.

Darlz,Me,&Anji during Graduation in 2016 🎓

I know how hard it is especially for her family leaving home yet again to pursue her Dreams and I know this was always the initial plan. (having been back home after only 2 years).

Darlz with her brothers in South Africa earlier this year

I take this time to wish her the very best and as I post this up she would definitely be in Dubai by now waiting for her flight to Pune.
Darlz is a one in a million friend and here’s why, her humility and patience is so unmatched by far all the 3 years I’ve known her she’s never raised her voice to no one. She always put others first no matter how busy her schedule is, if its studying for exams or if other students needed her help she’ll go out of her way to help. Her encouragement and Positive attitude about everything still Amazes me till today. Her commitment and passion in all she does whether its studying, cooking, or helping other people she does it with all her heart I tell you. Her Faith and her Love for her Family above all is just beautiful to watch.

Darlz with her Amazing Family

An Amazing role model and inspiration to all she meets and I know for sure she will have many more priceless encounters and impact so many more people while she lives and studies in Pune.
Darlz I just want to let you know how priceless your friendship is to me personally, I’m crying while writing this. This is me being vulnerable and thankful at the same time. Thank you for always being there for me through the ups and downs, encouraging me always that all will work out in the end and you’re right it has.
As you would say “Satakala at the right time the job will come to you” and it has😊 As I write this on a beautiful cloudy Sunday afternoon here in Fiji & you’re on the other side of the world beginning a new chapter in your Amazing Journey, I salute and appreciate you so very much.

Post-Graduation pic with our college Head from left to right: Nicky, Anji, Darlz, College Head, & Me

My writings won’t be enough to express how two different people from different parts of the world, one from a tiny Pacific island country and the other from another continent, different religion, culture, and ethnicity can create such a beautiful friendship that I would never trade for anything in this world.
Someone once said that if you have 3 life-long friends your whole entire life then you’ve done well for yourself. You are definitely in that category girl. I have done well somehow.
So as you embark on this chapter for the next 2 years may you succeed in all you do and may GOD’s blessings and mercies guide you every step of the way. And when things get tough and challenging know I’m always gonna be here supporting and encouraging you all the way. Keep Smiling and spreading Positive energy in all you do 
Much love and respect Always from your Loud Fijian Friend xo 😍





Can you believe its July again?

And the days & Time keep flying 😯

Another month of new challenges, travelling, new opportunities and so much more

As I embark on another new month, personally for me its a new season to landing a new job in a new environment, knowing very well I am finally happy where I belong 😊

GOD has been Faithful indeed a journey that has just begun, and I may not be there yet but I know I’ll get there someday soon

Its only been a week at work & I’m finally settling in even waking up early seems new to me again after 9 months of unemployment & waking up whenever I like, the tasks assigned to me each day, my fellow workmates & just getting into the schedule all seems new thing to me but I have been truly humbled ☺

I prefer to always write about my journey rather than be expressive coz for me I tell it better in the former.

So I wish yoy all my Fellow bloggers an Awesome Jubilant July & may all your Goals & To do List come through this month ☺

And isn’t it a Blessing that the first day of the month had to lie on a Sunday as well 😇 We are all truly Blessed. GOD IS SOOOO GOOD 😇

Just so you know Bula means Hello in my Language.


Picture: Google

If you have been following my blog for the past few months, I have been sharing with you all about applying around for a job for the past 9 months and not being successful at all

It has been a challenging and a waiting game indeed and I’m so pleased to tell you all that I finally landed myself a job last week 😀 It really came unannounced as I had applied earlier in the year & nothing really eventuated and so I knew I wouldn’t get the job

But GOD has always been faithful his never late never early but his always on time 😢 I am so overwhelmed right now as I thank GOD for answering my Prayer and just in awe of all his done throughout. A Big thank you goes out to my supportive family especially my grandma’s consistent Prayers, my grandpa, mum, uncle, family Pastor, my Amazing priceless friends (you know who you are ☺) for always staying positive I am so Blessed to have you all in my life & to all the people I know who offered words of encouragement & to you my fellow bloggers as well 😀

Just a few lessons I learnt over the past 9 months:

✳ waiting with a postive attitude in prayer and meditating in his word is powerful

closed doors and & missed opportunities are never dissapointments but moments to be grateful for knowing something much better is on its way 😊

having friends & mentors that I can trust & listen to me during my tough times is crucial who will always keep me encouraged & have my back throughout (I have been Blessed with such Amazing people😇)

inspiring testimonies of people who have been through similar situatuons and quotes are relevant when you’re going through a season of uncertainty

I’ve learnt to revaluate my life and areas of improvements I needed to work on and have been humbled once again knowing I can’t do anything without GOD

keeping the faith and self-believe that I am powerful beyond measure reminding myself daily to be thankful always ☺

Encouraging others who are going through tough times around you is the best thing you can do when you’re going through your own storm

writing about my journey and expressing myself is the best therapy by far

listening to encouraging music helps alot 🎶

having a vision board of your goals & dreams is very important especially when you’re at a pit stop in your life (I tell you it works)

whatever you go through Never Give up on yourself and know you’re the only one that can make your dreams come true believe, stay humble and be thankful always ☺

And yes as one of my fellow bloggers wrote & I quote”WE WILL ALL GET THERE SOON”



Picture: Pexels

It’s been years since he came back, an abandoned home an overgrown compound
Opening the front door to a dark room piled high with boxes and cloth covered furniture
Dust flies with every step he took upon the wooden floor little insects scatter away suddenly from fear an intruder has arrived and invaded their space their home
The young man stands still for a while trying to gather up his memories recollecting moments of his upbringing a childhood he longed forgot or maybe had tried to block out all his life
He seems uncertain why he came back after all this years and why he seems surprised that the town he grew up in had not changed at all
He was the one that changed and as he slowly unpacked the boxes every item had a story a memory both good and bad
The pain of loose a painful memory that still feels fresh if he remembered now and then too painful to remember a relief if forgotten
He made a name for himself through his music a household name a superstar in his own right
But there was always something missing eventually a sense of belonging and inner Peace with all the fame and money though it seemed he was still lost, searching still
Now as he arrives back to a place he once called home a sudden connection is made that his arrival has ignited anticipation and acceptance
A town patiently awaiting his arrival and welcoming him with open arms and joy
For the first time in a long time he seemed happy and that everything might just be alright at last
Maybe this was the missing piece of his puzzle coming home was the answer after all ☺



The “Liebster Award” is – a recognition of bloggers by other bloggers. It’s only coincidental that the name is derived from the German word that means “beloved, or dear” in English.
I was nominated by the very Talented @Mehakkhorana for this Award and it’s the very first time I have participated in such an Award 😊 I am absolutely grateful for such recognition and thank my fellow blogger for the nomination. I absolutely love her Powerful Blogs & work of Art & you can check out more on her link

The basic requirements to “get” the Liebster Award once you’ve been nominated seem to be as follows (from a variety of sources):
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions or fulfill the task that blogger gave their nominees.
3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself / Write a 150 to 300-word post about your favorite blog. Explain why you like the blog and provide links.
4. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 1000 followers (some websites say 200 followers.)
5. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
6. List these rules in your post.
7. Once you’ve written and published your post, contact/inform the bloggers you’ve nominated for the Liebster Award, and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.

1. I would like to sincerely thank and appreciate @Mehakkhorana for the Nomination 
2. Here are the List of Qts by my fellow blogger:
♈What drove you to actually start publicly blogging/creating content?Why did you feel you wanted to share?
Well I am a new blogger having just started in March and really what drove me was the encouragement of my friends who always told me that I should try blogging, I really didn’t give it much thought coz I felt it might be too much of an up keep as I only use Facebook now and then & am not really a social media person. But I have been writing poems and songs over the years now & was looking for a platform to showcase my work & I really didn’t have a choice this time around & I haven’t looked back since, I HAVE BEEN HOOKED 😊 my only regret is I should have listened to my friends earlier but I guess everything happens for a reason and timing is everything.
♈Describe yourself in three words.
Loud, Funny & Sociable
♈What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
Definitely and no doubt it has to be HONESTY!!!
♈Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?
Oh wow, I will have to say Israel for sure just to be able to experience biblical history come alive and visit all the amazing sites will be a life changing experience & I hope I can take my grandma & mum on this journey with me (dats definitely on the bucket list)
♈ What is your favorite memory?
Definitely my childhood memories just because of the innocence and carefree feeling I had, the sight, people, and encounter I fondly remember interwoven with music, laughter, food still makes me feel a type of way now when I look back, they were always good memories 😊
♈What does your perfect day look like?
Oh a Perfect Day is a rainy day for sure waking up to the sight of raindrops & cool breeze, with a delish cup of coffee or two (I’m an addict) & a good book with great music & calling in sick to work 😀
♈What’s your favorite book and why?
The book “Tuesdays with Morrie” By Mitch Albom a powerful story detailing the author’s journey with his Mentor, Morrie in the phase of sickness and death & the relationship they share. Powerful life lessons about life it left me in tears and is the only book I can read over and over again. I recommend you all to get a copy.
♈If you could have a superpower what would it be?
I would like to fly just so I could conquer my fear of heights and travel to any place I desire

♈ Who inspires you the most?
Definitely my grandma who bought me up and her sacrifices and hard work still amazes me today. She is the reason I made it. I salute her & to all the strong women out there 😊

3. 10 Random Facts about Myself:
Well I am Loud, funny, sociable, love food, coffee addict, love travelling, going on adventures, reading, writing, and spending quality time with my family

4. My Liebster Award Nominees:
• Jemal March
• Bahram Kalvri
• Adayinthelifeofgrace
• RadGamer
• Myrtle
• Motivatedandfree
• Mkanthony
• Faqeer
• Sharon Carter-Wray
• Leah
I have nominated these 10 fellow bloggers whose posts I have been inspired by one way or the other and I encourage everyone to please check out their pages 😊
5. My List of Questions are as Follows:

-Briefly tell us about yourself?
-What joy do you find in blogging?

-What is your favorite motto you stand by?
-What are the top 3 things on your bucket or to do list?
-What has been a life changing moment for you?
-What is your thought on the influence of social media in our society?

What do you do to distress or unwind?
-What brings you the most joy?
-Where do you see yourself 3 to 5 years from now?

I would like to sincerely Thank @Mehakkhorana for the Nomination once again & to all my fellow Nominees HAPPY BLOGGING 😀😀😀

get more info on my page



Can you believe we are half way through the year again 😮 June is before us and for all those of us who are about to sit exams, graduate, make a career change, move to a new country or city, or trying to get a job like me or vice versa, hang in there, stay positive and Go for it!!

For me its been 10 months of unemployment and its been a hard road of waiting and staying positive, sel-reflection, the I’m sorry to inform you your application hasn’t been successful emails, I really have gone use to this somehow and still know there is something better coming my way. But to be honest it really has been a long wait and somehow I’ve felt there must be something wrong with my resume or I just don’t have the experience or the qualification to get the job somehow 😮 my Degree to me is really looking like nothing at all with all this closed doors somehow.

But I’ve always been Blessed with my supportive family and friends who always Believed in me no matter what, always cheering me on during this season of my journey. I’ve not only learnt to wait with gratitude but I have been absolutely humbled in waiting and I know GOD is taking me through a season of letting me know that I am nothing without him and to Trust him during this season. I have been through this before and I know he will always get me there but not on my time but his divine timing. GOD is never late never early his always on time, I just have to have Faith.

I know my Job will eventually come, but this period in my life has been more of a spiritual wake up call focusing more in Prayer and meditating in his word, but through it all I know GOD’s got me day in day out.

I just started blogging in March and two months later I have almost 30 followers which I’m so proud of, & I really have focused most of my write ups and poetry to my blog and the response has really been overwhelming indeed 😊 (I haven’t been on facebook for over a month now).Thank you to everyone who took their time to stop and read my blogs now and then. I sincerely Thank you & appreciate you all.

Just to end things off, most of you might not be familiar with my blog name Tadra which in my language means to Dream so really this is the journey of a Dreamer (Tadralife-Dreamerslife). So to all my fellow bloggers Have a Jovial June and whatever you’re going through Never Give Up, keep Smiling and We will All Get There Soon 😇 GOD BLESS YOU ALL


The scenes that greet you when you entered the area is so appalling
Nothing prepares you for what to expect as you lay eyes on the surrounding for the first time
The smell in the air would make you weak in the stomach unpleasant all over that inhaling would be torture
The faces of poverty greet you young and old alike their appearance at once makes you rethink of coming here in the first place
The smell and feeling of poverty is everywhere you’ve heard and read so much of it but to see reality right there nothing prepares you for this
You want to turn back and leave this place of uneasiness and helplessness
Hopelessness written in the faces of the young, how sad yet this is the life they will ever know
Education is the only way out for this kids though their school looks broken down, facilities in such poor conditions
Yet for this kids there is no option most will eventually drop out and help their parents by begging or join the child labor force
But like any other child innocent and free they have Dreams like any other child out there, no different for a better life maybe new uniforms, new clothes, their own room with toys and good food and clean water
But when you start to look at them funny or tell them they won’t be anything, you shatter a child’s Dreams
When they see suffering at home and being bullied at school they begin to withdraw from the crowd and so they will find the one and only place they feel safe
A corner of a little room, under a tree, a good friend, hugging of a ragged and dirty doll that she speaks to about her problems hoping it can talk back, but the child feels comfort in the silence for now
Everyday is a struggle just to make it through another day, the child feels the heavy burden around the home and the sad faces of her parents
The slums is the only home she will ever know as she gets older she still hopes that life will change for her and her family
That luck or the gods might have mercy on her or send good omen their way
That life would just get just a little better for everybody here
But for now she only Dreams and Hope from this dark area of what most people get disgusted and look away from, a place she calls home A slum of Hope