(Pic sent in by a friend on her early morning walk along the sea side area of her city)
She fights through the pain everyday
Her disease has made her paralyzed from the waist down to her legs
Its been months now since someone has been with her to care for her
The pain in her voice as she takes every step around her home
Those tears she sheds now and then
Her will power to still have a good day despite her condition
Her faith in GOD that one day she will be healed is Amazing to watch
How she longs for the day to walk outside her home and enjoy her beautiful garden

A garden she worked so hard to nurture

How she longs for the day to take a cool and soothing shower
Or the day she can be able to take the stairs up to her bedroom
She utters words of encoragement daily to herself
Even when there are worst days than others
She keeps her kind spirit and tries always to get up, dress up and enjoy every new day

The coffee does help now and then, watching her neighbors from her kitchen window go about their chores is a great sight for her

Her attitude towards her condition gains praise from those who meet her
A strong woman who in the midst of such agonising and unberable pain
Still has a reason to believe that she should make the most of Life
She Prays for her miracle everyday

And that contagious ever so warming Smile that greets you now and then

She still believes someday soon she will get back to her normal Life
How it was always meant to be
She will garden again, take walks to the park again, live alone again without no help
Oh how she longs for that glorious and joyful day to arrive
When there will be no more pain or tears
When she wont go to sleep dreading another flood of pain come her way when she wakes up
How she longs for that day to come soon
Hoping, waiting,wishing, and Praying still….

Like the dawn of a new day and the rise of another sun

She waits on her miracle when Life will soon again be kind to her

And she waits still….

(PC: Rosie Catherine)


This unknown crazy virus has got me feeling STUCK

It has stopped plans, travels, celebrations, graduations, weddings and so forth

Where did you come from I ask?

Who sent you to bring so much destruction, chaos and death to us all

Humanity is still confused and in fear of what you have inflicted

How are we suppose to rebuild all the loses you have cost?

How are we suppose to get the jobs we got terminated or made redundant from?

Tell me the severeity of why you have brought humanity and the world to its knees with your infection?

Answer me… you Evil good for nothing destructive killer Virus You

Answer Me… show yourself show that evil face, that monstrous eyes of yours that killer smile of death and that unberable smell of victory you parade around the Globe

You will answer for your sins someday, you just wait, you and all who plotted this evil plan if there are others of your kind out there

How dare you become so Powerful, how dare you kill so many of us and infect millions of others

How dare you make us succumb to isolation and lockdowns

How dare you separate families and stop Economies & development of Nations

You will burn in Hell soon your days are numbered you plague of a pest you

Are wars, deaths, poverty, starvation, genocide, disease, pain, tragedies of our time not enough for you?

Is that not suffering enough for you?

Answer me wherever you are …Answer Me you coward of a Fool

If you think you are that Powerful and invincible then show yourself!

Leave us alone! Go Away Burn and Die in the lake of Fire and death

Die a slow painful death so you can feel the pain of the world strike you back its called Karma and it will meet you soon!

But humanity will always survive we always have we always will

We will get through together no matter what

Our resilient strength and faith in each other will take us to the other side

Things will get better its hard now but we will get there somehow, someway

Through pain and tears we will Smile again and Live a more purposeful Life coz thats what this Pandemic has taught us and we have learnt

We finally kinda get it now figuring it out day by day

As weak and fragile as we are, we are created to be overcoming beings

And we will rise and walk again and go forth and continue where we have left of

Our Dreams, Goals, & Visions maybe on hold for now

But we will continue the walk to Success and Freedom

A new insight a new dawn A new Meaning to Life

We will look back at this dark deadly season and say with Pride we have truly Overcome!


In sickness and in health…”
Our 48th wedding anniversary looked different than the others, but three things remain the same: our love for each other, the gift of family and friends who shower us with kindness, and the abiding faithfulness of our great God.
Thanks to everyone who sent greetings and words of encouragement to Margie and me on this occasion. Please keep us in your prayers as I battle cancer, and accept our heartfelt gratitude for your love and friendship.
β€œAnd now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” β€”1 Corinthians 13:13

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A Mental Block Phase!

Greetings from the comfort of my own solitude from this side of town on this Beautiful Tuesday morn. As I begin to pen this, it has suddenly began to lightly snow yet again. The sight is beautiful as usual but the coldness I am so over it now.

As the world deals with how things have turned out in the past few months from Covid, I have lost interest on the daily reports and the many well explained theories out there on how it all began!

Right now I just want to get on my scheduled flight back home, meet my family and friends, head to the beach for a well deserved and feel good tan and eat all my favorite home cooked meals and focus on reaching my goals for 2020.

But this season for me like many out there has been a moment to self reflect on when it will all end, where we go from here and how our new normal will look like.

Despite all the uncertainty this deadly crazy virus has brought, one thing I do know for sure is that GOD’s Faithfulness remains through it all.

If there was a time we needed to PRAY, my fellow bloggers its right Now! Its never been about religion but its about staying Positive and keeping the Faith despite everything happening around us.

I tried so hard during this past few days to write a piece on it all, but I have been numb, stuck, lazy, confused, angry, sad (definitley going through a mental blockage phase). The words were there but penning it down has been hard to do maybe coz of all the emotions within. I honestly don’t care anymore and that might be offensive to some who would read this but its the truth.

Right now all I can do is Pray even at times when I don’t feel like it I do it anyway with a heavy heart and a lazy body I get up and thank GOD for protecting my family and friends, and everyone in the world affected by this crazily insane virus!

So whichever part of the world you are reading this from keep the faith, stay safe, follow the guidelines put forth by your leaders and be thankful you are not a statistic, you have a roof over your head and food on the table and you have good health. Lets continue to Pray for those in the frontline fighting this crisis daily we Appreciate you All πŸ‘πŸ™




When the harshest of seasons began and the cold wind blew
You stood the test of it all standing tall and proud and you never waivered once
You were built to withstand all seasons
When all others succumbed to the harsh reality of everything around them
You flourished and thrived more as your leaves blossomed and branches stood strong you also became a refuge for those that needed rest and shelter from the cold
And you somehow came alive the most during the bitter winter cold
To all that saw your resilience were amazed at how strong and beautiful you became
Standing alone in a winter scenery and defining all odds that you are a Survivor
That you were created to rise above all afflictions
And You are Powerful and Beautiful through all seasons long!


Its that time of the year where peoples gets to travelling for the holidays. And I have been fortunate enough that I could do that this time around I can’t believe we have reached the end of another Amazing year and GOD has been faithful.
Just a brief travel abroad and well deserved break as well. Its been a great year personally for me and I have been absolutely blessed to see GODs faithfulness in it all 😊
I hope all my fellow bloggers had a great year as well and if there is a lesson we can all learn from this year and that is to be thankful for all things despite the hardships and mistakes made we learned from it and moved on.
Never take family & friendships for granted cherish every moment coz you will never get it back.
And whatever the new year brings here’s to another Great Year of Blogging and Chasing Dreams to be fulfilled.

Another Milestone of 85 πŸ˜‡

Massive Shout out to my Bubu (grandma) who turns the big 85 today.

Its a Blessing to my Family to still see my bubu healthy and strong after all this years and trust me she has seen and been through it all.

Thanking GOD for such an Amazing and Powerful woman of Prayer who because of her, me and my family have made it this far.

Happy Birthday Nana & many more Amazing years to come πŸ˜‡

We appreciate you always ❀